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This is storie about horny dirty milf Elizabeth. My name is Arthur and my best mate, back then, was Mike.… Read More

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Cheating Horny Wife

This storie is about cheating horny wife... This affair started a few years ago. But as a prelude, there were… Read More

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Looking up from my computer, realized i was alone in the office and felt like a dirty milf slut once… Read More

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Hot Mom Porn Exprerience by Kristy

Hi everyone, well this is my first story I am writing about my hot mom porn experiences and I hope… Read More

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I just came back from vacation visiting my family and wanted to share what happened there with my dirty milf… Read More

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My Friends Hot Mom

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Miriam worked at a local bank and I would go there to cash my paychecks. I had a hot car… Read More

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