My Blonde Sex Girlfriend

My blonde sex girlfriend and I were doing great. Good sex and all was cool. We were sitting in the mall on a Saturday morning when my girlfriend saw a girl she knew. She waved and the girl came over with a guy I kind of knew, Sean something.

He was her brother (and boyfriend too, I found out). My eyes scanned his sister and I thought: (‘Oh my god, what a beautiful girl. That beautiful face, long hair, those short shorts, electric looking eyes….damn…she’s hot.’) My blonde sex girlfriend introduced us all around and his sister’s eyes went to me and locked on mine. I started to melt fast. I felt it….what every guy dreads at this time…
Instant big boner.

I adjusted my shorts fast, but when I looked up, she was smiling and looking right at my boner. I tried to cover it with my hands, but I noticed she wrote something on a piece of paper and put it in her shopping package. She came over and placed the package over my lap.

She said: “Oh….would you hold this a minute, I need to fix my shoe.” She smiled at me and bend down showing her nice cleavage. She stood up and they all talked. She smiled at me as they walked away, her package still in my lap. I was hoping she would just leave it there to cover my boner. She did, looking back once and smiling at me.

When they had left, my girlfriend started whispering about how she heard that she was getting it on with her brother. She even referred to her brother as her ‘boyfriend’.She said how she kinda envied her and that she use to have a crush on her brother. I had to think about anything but his sister, so my boner would go down. I heard every word my girlfriend said, but changed the subject to auto racing.

Soon I could stand up and they left, my blonde sex girlfriend not noticing his sister’s package was now in my hand. When we got home I waited and then went in the bathroom to check out what was in the package. The soft paper bag had no markings. I unrolled the top and peeked in. I saw the little paper she had written on. Just a phone number, nothing else. I wondered if she did it so I would call and arrange to return her package.

Was oh so right. I didn’t want to say anything to my blonde sex girlfriend in case she said she’d take it to her. I wanted to deliver this in person. I wanted another look at that sister, in fact, a lot more looks. I waited until she left to go somewhere. Now I could pretend I discovered the ’left’ package and returned it. Wait…where did I get her phone number….hmmmmm….

I checked her little phone book on the desk. Bingo, there was the sister’s number in it. Now I could tell her that I found the sisters number in her little phone book. Now for a time to do it.
I called the number. The sister answered. Wow, what a sweet sexy voice she had, dripping with sweet thank you’s and arranging a good time for me to bring it to her….or …a good time for her to come over and get it, ….or a good time to meet ’somewhere’

. I quick thought when would my blonde sex girlfriend be gone and she thought when her brother/boyfriend would be gone. I finally said: “Why don’t you and your brother/boyfriend come over tonight and play some cards with us, and pick up your package. She squealed with delight and said: “Perfect!”. She giggled and said we’d better watch my sex girlfriend and her brother as he knew my girlfriend once had a crush on him. I whispered: (“I think she still does some.”)

She said: “I know, let’s find out if they have the hots for each other, this will be fun!” I agreed and we set a time for tonight. I told my girlfriend about the package mix up and that I had invited them, over to play some cards, and return the package to her. I watched the sex girlfriend quietly gulp a little and pretend to act normal. She said great. I watched her eyes light up though, and start planning our evening. She took forever in the bathroom, showering, primping and then selecting just right clothes.

I pretended not to notice, as my mind was on seeing the sister, and what she would be wearing. I wondered what my girlfriend was thinking….
(’…omg…Sean looked so hot today…and he’s coming over here!….oh, my old feelings got a charge… he looked at me and smiled…now the whole evening with him…I’ll arrange it so I sit next to him. I have to act normal, and not to excited, but I can’t help it if he makes me a little wet, and it feels good.’)
I knew she was excited, which was fine with me. I wanted to get close to Sean’s sister Angie,…. real close.

My blonde sex girlfriend got dressed and wow…she looked hot!. She had on a blouse with no bra, unbuttoned way down, tiny shorts, bright blue eye shadow and bright red lipstick. She smelled wonderful. They arrived and Angie had added a wide strip of pink in her hair, a tiny tube top and tiny shorts. Her makeup too, was hot. We all sat at the table to play cards.

My girlfriend quickly sat by Sean and Angie by me. We only just started playing the first hand when my blonde sex girlfriend and Sean got into a deep conversation about some people they knew. Angie was not shy, and I soon felt her leg touching mine. Slowly she rubbed it across my leg. We leaned in close started our own conversation about…nothing. Our eyes did the real talking. I reached up and touched the pink streak in her hair. She did a little gasp and now I felt both her legs squeezing my leg, of course I got….

Instant big boner.
I had planned this time and had on a long tailed shirt to cover most of it. She tilted her head, indicating the her and I go into the living room. Sean and my blonde sex girlfriend were so engrossed in their talking I don’t they even noticed us moving in the other room. Angie and I sat together close on the couch. She looked at a little tent from my long shirt, reached over and took a pillow and put it over my lap. We smiled at each other and she giggled quietly. I whispered: (“…we must be out of something, we need to go to the store…right?”)

She whispered back: (“…oh yes…that store way over by River town is the only store that has my favorite chips, would you mind?) We stood up and peeked first around the corner at my girlfriend and Sean. They were scooted in so close their lips were only about 6 inches apart, both smiling and staring in each others eyes. We quietly pulled back. I said loud: “We’re going to get some chips, we’ll be back later.” I hear my girlfriend say: “OK”…and nothing else.

Angie and I headed for my van. I went around to open her door for her. She stopped me, looked around and saw we were out of sight of any windows. She smiled real sexy, and said quietly: “Your boner, your girlfriend may not like it.” I smiled back and said: “I bet Sean has a big one on right now.” She said: “Oh…he does, I saw it when I stood up, but right now, I don‘t really care.” We stood close as her hand went for my boner and mine went for her sweet tits.

Her panting breath in my ear was making my boner try and rip out of my pants. We couldn’t get in my van fast enough. She said: “There’s no one home at my place, let’s go there.” It was only a few blocks as we had our hands between each others legs. My mind and hers were in a daze and we went in. We didn’t wait for lights. Our arms and hands were all over us just inside the door. We kissed, our tongues were in a flurry. We couldn’t wait for anything. She was undoing my short pants and I undid hers. We were naked in minutes. I picked her up and carried her beautiful naked body to their bedroom.
Angie thought….

(‘…when I saw his instant boner when we first met, I knew I had to have him. Something clicked between us and my pussy got so hot so fast, like I’d never felt ever before. I could see the outline of the head of his cock before he put his hand over it. If he knew how hot my pussy got so fast, we may have just ran away somewhere to fuck.
I like fucking my brother, but he never effected me like this. I feel like a princess in his arms, and he’s the prince taking us for our first sex.

I want that boner I saw deep in me and I’m going to fuck him so he’ll never forget it. My brother and I, our first time was hot…..when I caught him wanking and just went over and crawled on top of him. He panicked and said ’..we can’t!’…I just stuck his cock in my pussy and he was a goner, we fucked so good, he flooded me with his cum and I had a mind blowing climax. ’)

We went to slow motion. We wanted this to last forever. We both trembled as I opened her legs and started kissing her thighs. She wiggled and squirmed. She reached for my head and pulled my hair some. She was trying to make it last but also wanting to fuck so bad. I reached her warm pussy and her legs went around my back. I felt them trembling with anticipation. She had hot reddish pubic hair. The feel of it on my lips was making me tremble too. My tongue went up and down on her wet slit. She raised her pussy to meet my tongue and force it to go in deeper.

She started saying…”..turn, turn now baby, turn!” I moved my hips around to her head. We lay on our sides. She quickly had my boner in her mouth getting it all wet and slick. I buried my face in her sweet pussy. I heard her moans as she took my cock in her mouth all the way in. I put three fingers in her pussy and went for her G spot. I teased her clit with my tongue. She began to shake, and pump her pussy to me. I felt her hands fondle my balls and butt crack. She began to moan loud as I massaged her pussy.

I had to fuck her… and now!
I quick turned and put my cock in her warm pussy and pushed it in deep. We started in fucking violently with moans from heaven. She squeezed my cock hard with her pussy and started yelling as she climaxed hard. I felt an explosion come up from my cock and I started cuming big. Her legs dug in me deep as she moaned and shook. My cock kept shooting and shooting all on it’s own. Her fingernails dug deep in my butt cheeks as we squirmed and moaned.

Then her arms went so tight around my neck I could hardly breathe. She thrust up driving my cock in as deep as it would go, over and over again. We both shook and squirmed until we just slowly went weak. Spasms took over and jolted us each time. Our gasping for breath was the only sound now. I don’t remember much after that. I seemed to leave this world with her with me.

When I got home I could smell Sean’s aftershave in our bed as the girlfriend slept with a smile..
I got up the next morning and the girlfriend was already up and fixing breakfast all smiles. We kissed good morning and sat down to eat. All was quiet. Finally I said: “Sean and Angie were a fun couple, we should do that again.” She grinned and said: “I’ve already arranged that for next Saturday night, only this time Sean and I have some ‘errands’ to run that may take a very long time“…..

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