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I grew up a lot in that 3 years. I was probably 19 years old when Chloe came back home to visit our grandma. I was ripped. I worked out every single day for sports and had a bad ass 6 pack. I was already getting plenty of attention from the girls at school. I was already fucking a lot considering how young I was. To make a long story short, I was a fucking stud and I fucking knew it beacuse i was sexy hot brunette who need cock!

We were growing up we would have “movie night” and grandmother’s house. It was kind of a tradition. All of us kids would go to my grandmother’s house and spend the weekend. Grandmother would take us to the city pool where would swim until we got tired. We would then go to blockbuster, rent movies on VHS and watch them until late at night.

Mom dropped us off at my grandmother’s house in the morning. When I walked through the door, I saw Chloe. I knew she would be hot, but I didn’t realize how hot she really was. She had long straight brown hair and brown eyes. I wish I could tell you who she looked like. If I could compare her to anyone I would say Kristen Stewart, except not all pale and shit. She got up from the table where she was playing cards with my Grandma and gave me a really tight hug. I let my hands slide down to her lower back. Though she had an oversize T-shirt on, covering her bathing suit, I could tell that she had a tight body. “We are ready to go swimming. Get changed and lets go” she said.

I quickly changed and we loaded up in my grandma’s car to go swimming. My brother called shotgun and that put Chloe, her brother and me in the back seat together. As she was getting in the back seat, I could see the outline of her perfect ass through the T shirt. On the ride to the pool, I noticed that Chloe was really eye balling me. I would glance at her, she would smile an “I know” smile and look away. Since the closet incident, the sexual tension between us has been the elephant in the room that we have never talked about. But we both know that its there, even to this day. She was most hot sexy brunette i know.

When we got to the pool, of course we had to take a shower before we were allowed to enter. You know just rinsing off or whatever. I got out of the shower I returned to the pool only to find that Chloe was already swimming. FUCK, I wanted to see her hot sexy body.

Jumped in and swam over to her. . We were in the shallow water but she stayed hunkered down where I couldn’t see her body most of the time. She did finally stand up and I never will forget her sexy hot brunette body. She was wearing a grey bikini that barely contained her perfect tits. Her nipples were hard from the coolness of the water. They were big for her age. Not huge though. Probably C cups. We just kinda relaxed and talked the entire time.

Complained about how immature he was and how all he wanted was sex and that she just wasn’t ready yet. She mentioned that she was “glad to be off of her period” Blahblahblah, typical high school girl shit. Looking back, I think that she was trying to convince me that she was all grown up and available. As we were talking got lost in her brown eyes and her perfect white teeth. I don’t know why, but I was so attracted to her. During her conversation, we started holding hands under the water. It was kinda funny really. She started squeezing my middle finger, slowly stroking it even like it was a dick.

Some kids were playing with a beach ball and it flew behind us. She said “let me get that” and as she moved past me, I felt her palm move down the front of my stomach and her tits rub against me. Played it off like it was an accident but I knew she was copping a feel.

Then as it was time to go back, I made it a point to let her leave the pool first. I wanted to see her hot sexy body and her beautiful brunette hair. As she stepped out of the pool, I saw the best ass you could ever imagine. She had a wedgy and quickly ran both hands through her bathing suit to correct it.

I worked up a chub, to make sure that she could see the outline of my fat dick through my swimming trunks and followed her up and started drying off. Then I exited the pool behind her.

So there she was,hot and sexy, drying her brunette hair. Tan, 5’2” maybe? Perfect tits, tight little stomach. If I had to compare her to a celebrity, I would say Kristen Stewart, except not all pale and shit.

My eyes trailed all the way down to her pussy. She had a really wide gap between her legs and I could make out her slit through the loose fitting bikini bottom.

As my gaze went up to her face, I saw her staring at my thick semi hard dick through my white swim trunks. Then her gaze met mine. She just smiled at me and said. “You look hot”. “Whatever” I said with a laugh. said, “no seriously, if you weren’t my cousin, I would be giving you my number right about now”.

We went back to grandma’s to watch movies. Changed clothes and showered. Chloe changed into a t shirt and a pair of little spandex shorts. Her ass was so tight and perfect. We always made a big pallet of blankets and pillows in the living room floor where us kids would hang out and eventually crash. On this particular night my grandma was the first to retire to her room. My other cousin went to sleep in the guest bedroom and my brother was sleeping on the couch. Chloe had fallen asleep in the floor next to me. I pulled my shirt off, stripped down to my boxers and got under the blanket next to Chloe.

Laid there for hours thinking. “Is she into me?” “This is your cousin, of course not” Then I decided that I should test the waters a little. If it blew up in my face, I could always claim to be asleep and apologize. Chloe was on her left side facing away from me. I slowly rolled over on my side and scooted in a little closer behind her. I slowly put my hand on her hip. She was so warm.

Nervously pushed my hand up until I found her bare stomach, stopped, then went a little further. Her right arm moved forward a little and gave me access to her perfect titties. I slowly moved my fingers up and found that her nipples were hard as rocks. Was she awake? I slowly drew circles around her nipple with my right hand, just to see. Nipple just got harder.

Then she slowly arched her back a bit and slowly moved her spandex covered ass right up against my semi hard dick. The next thing I knew she was arching her back, then releasing, then arching it again. I ran my hand back down her tight stomach, down her thigh until it rested on her little spandex covered ass. She arched her back and pushed against it.

At this point I knew that she was either pretending to be asleep or was simply reacting to me in her sleep. I didn’t really give a fuck. I slowly slid my hand between her legs and she immediately pushed her ass back on my hands as I started rubbing her pussy from behind, through the spandex. I heard her sigh as I pushed at the thin material covering her slippery wet little hole. She was not wearing any underwear underneath the spandex shorts. I pulled my dick through the front of my boxers and slid it through that wide gap between her legs. I could feel her slimy wetness through the material as she slid her pussy back and forth on my dick.

Reached up, hooked my fingers into the waistband of her shorts and pulled them down. It was a pain in the ass and she ended up sliding them off herself. I returned my hand to her pussy and found that she was soaking wet. Her pussy was covered in nicely trimmed pubic hair.

The smell of her hot and sexy brunette pussy flooded me underneath the blankets and I knew that I wanted to taste her pussy right then and there. I reversed my position under the covers, moving my head toward her feet and moved my face right over her pussy. It was a little hard to get to but as soon as she realized what I was doing she pulled her knees up to her chest, exposing it and giving me a little more access.

Forcing her pussy into my mouth. She had a such a fat pussy. I pushed my tongue as far as I could into her pussy and licked around her throbbing clit. Slowly but surely I moved farther back, nibbling on the inside of her little ass cheeks. My face was covered in her brunette juices and I could smell her hot sexy little asshole. I noticed that her taint was a little hairier than her pussy as I ran my hot, pussy juice covered tongue over the area between her pussy and asshole. She thrust her hips forward, leaving me no choice but to lick her ass.

So ran my tongue back and forth across her butthole. Wiping her ass crack clean with my tongue. That was the first time I had ever licked any girl’s ass and I fucking loved it. I used my left hand to spread her right ass cheek as and I buried my tongue into her perfect little ass. could feel her muscles tighten around my tongue as I did my best to fuck her ass with it. It was too tight for me to really penetrate but I tried like hell.
Knew we had to keep this quite. My brother was 10 feet away sleeping on the couch. She was moaning and we were both breathing hard.

She rolled over and grabbed my throbbing hard dick. I rolled onto my back. It was dark but I could still see her pretty face as she ran her warm tongue down the side of my raging hard on. I watched in pleasure as she buried my dick in her hot little mouth. I returned my fingers to her pussy and it was soooo wet. I could barely fit my middle finger into her. “mmmmm” she moaned on my dick as I buried my finger in her. She was so tight. I could feel her molars rubbing against the head of my dick as she sucked my hot fucking meat.

My dick was about to cum. I grabbed the back of her head, making a pony tail with her hair in my hand so I could watch as she did her best to deep throat my fat dick. I convulsed and pushed her head down on me. My dick was like a fucking cannon as I pumped load after load of hot cum into her sexy brunette mouth. I could feel the vibration of her moaning on my dick as I pumped her pussy harder with my finger. She couldn’t swallow it all and I watched as my cum oozed out around her hot mouth. She grabbed the base of my dick and pulled her hand up, gathering all of the cum between her thumb and index finger and licked all of it up.

Chloe then straddled my still semi hard, dick and leaned over, putting her chest on mine. She kissed me deeply and I could taste my cum in her mouth. She whispered “I want to get fucked” as she ground her pussy on the underside of my half erect dick.
The good thing about being a teenager is that even though you have no stamina, you can go more than once. I could go at least two times until I got in my late 20s.

Before too long my dick was hard as a rock again and it was covered in her juices. I had no idea how it would ever fit in her tight hole. I knew she wasn’t a virgin because she had told me that in the pool. But she was still very tight and I have a really thick dick. She was grinding her pussy on it and when it became hard, I could feel it resting against her tight little pussy hole.

She pushed against it and it slowly went into her about an inch. She grunted softly as she drove her pussy down onto my thick rod, swallowing every inch. I could feel every ridge on the inside of her pussy as my dick stretched her farther than ever before. I could feel her pubic bone putting pressure on the top side of my throbbing hard dick. She just lay there trembling on my chest as she whispered “your dick is so big”. She slowly started grinding her pussy back and forth on my hot wet dick. Not really fucking me, just moving her hips about an inch or so at a time. I could feel her pussy juices running down my balls and I knew I would cum soon.

Immediately i was rolled her onto her back and pulled the covers over us. I slowly began fucking her with just the tip of my dick as I we kissed deeply. “Mmmm” she moaned, as she sucked on my tongue, tasting her pussy and ass. She was thrusting her hips up, wanting more. “fuck me deep” she whispered.

Just about the time I was about to start fucking the shit out of her, I hear the refrigerator door in the kitchen open. IT WAS MY GRANDMA! She had walked right past us and was getting a drink of water or something. We immediately separated and pretended to be asleep. My grandma finished her business in the kitchen and walked back down the hall and into her bed room.

Pushing my luck but I couldn’t help myself, I rolled on top of Chloe, and started sucking on her nipples. I could feel her wet hole resting against the head of my dick. Slowly I slid the full length of my dick into her, stretching her to her limit. I could feel the head of my dick bottom out on her cervix. I had never fucked a girl on the floor before and liked the way that there was no cushioning. It allowed me to fuck her nice and hard without making a lot of noise. So I rammed my hard dick into her, as hard as I could without making a lot of racket.

Knew that she had never been fucked like this. She was moaning loudly as I pulled her hair and buried my fat dick into her wet hole. “Is that what you want” I whispered. “Mmhmmm”she panted. I could hear her wet, hungry little cunt lightly queefing and smacking on my dick. At this point she was getting a little too loud. “SHHHH” I whispered, as I fucked her hard and slow. She buried her face into my neck and began sucking and licking.

Ran my left hand down to her ass hole that was nice and slick from her pussy juice dripping down and rubbed the outside of it with my middle finger. Slowly but surely I slid my middle finger it into her tight little ass hole.

That drove her over the edge. She came so fucking hard on my dick. She stopped moaning and I could feel her asshole and pussy contract on my finger and dick as she shuddered in a silent orgasm. That’s when I lost it. I drove my dick into her as deep as I could, put both hands behind her head and started fucking her hard and fast.”I am going to cum” I said. “mmmmm cum in my pussy” she whispered. She bit her lower lip trying not to scream as I pulled her hair hard with both hands as I shot load after load of hot cum into her pussy. We stayed there for a bit, making out with my semi hard dick still in her sloppy beat up pussy.

This was the first time I fucked my cousin. I fucked again the next day in the woods and then again, years later when I went to my Uncle’s house to visit. Should I write about it?


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