Cheating Wife in Law Mary

My cheating wife-in-law Mary likes to shop like most woman do and got carry away at the mall one day and spent her rent money. She asks my wife if I could loan it to her so that her husband would not know. She said she was going to find a job to make ends meet. So I loan her 200.00. The next month it was the phone bill and then the light bill. My wife asked me to please help her because her husband Sammy was violent man. Well this keep up until she was in debit to me for two grand and she never found a job. I told my wife that I could not keep loaning her money until I got some back. She keep calling and my wife and she got mad at me and started giving me hell for not helping her little sister. I told my sister-in-law to please stop calling my wife and that if she didn’t get a job and start paying me back that I was going to tell her husband what was going on. She begs me not to tell him and I was surprised when she offered to pay it back with sex. She is a sweet piece of ass and I have always wanted to fuck her.

The following weekend her husband had to go out of town on a business trip. I stopped by her house early Friday evening and she didn’t hisitate to let me in. I jokingly told her it was time for her first installment in to strip. She started to remove her clothes very slow as if she was doing a strip tease for me. Her nude cheating wife body was perfict, nice tits not real big but not to small either and I was surprised to see her pussy shaved as smooth as a baby’s ass. I took her nipples and rolled them between my thumb and fingers and they got hard is rocks, I lowered my mouth to her right nipple and suck and nibbled on it while I continued to work on her left one. I slid my other hand down to he pussy and worked her slit with my thumb and forefinger. She begin to moan so I started to finger fuck her with one and then two finger as she started to work her pussy to take them deeper.

She whispered in my ear oh George fuck hard this cheating wife. She didn’t have to say it again, I dropped my pants and shorts and drove my hard cock into her with one deep stroke and pounded her pussy. She screamed and fuck me like crazy woman and cum so hard and screamed so loud that I was afraid that the neighbors would her us. I ask her what Sammy would say if he saw her now, she said that he would want to kill her but she know he was fucking around on his business trips because he had stopped fucking her and she had found out by a friend. I ask her if that is why she had offered to fuck me for the money and she said yes. She said that she had always wanted me and when she found out that Sammy was fucking others she decided that she would ask me. She told me I was the only one she had fucked except Sammy. And that she still wanted to give my money back.

She said after she found out about Sammy she had thought about fucking other men to pay me back. She said the only reason she hadn’t was because she didn’t know how to go about it and was afraid to be alone with other men. I said dam girl with a body like yours you would be rich. She got excited and asks me how she would go about it and I told her if she were really serious I would show her. She then said will you be with me, and I said you mean you want me to watch you fuck. And she told me if I could arrange it she would feel safer. I agreed and told her that the night was young and if she wanted to try it. She said this go for it, what should I do. I told her to dress in a short and a low cut blouse, with no panties or bra. She went to change and when she returned she was wearing a short black skirt with a slit in the side of it and a thin white silk top that showed her nipples. I said dam girl you look go enough to eat, this get out of her before I do. She said mmmmmmmmm maybe we should stay home.

I took her cheating wife ass to this club that I had read about where high-class rich businessmen hung out. When we entered the place all eyes where already no her. We took a booth back in the corner facing a table with three well-dressed men. I set her facing them and I told her while .I went to get us a beer that I wanted her to spread her legs and flash the. I went to the bar and looked back and she was giving them a good shot of her pussy. By the time I got your drinks and got back to the table, one of the men was already talking to her. He said this is a hot cheating wife you have here, and I said yes she is and she is my sex slave and will do anything I want her to do. He asks me if I shared her and I told him yes but that she is expensive and I had to watch her perform.

He told me that he would give me five hundred for the evening to do what ever he wanted to do to her. She whispered in my ear and said wow that’s a lot of money. I said she is all yours. We walked just across the street to the hotel where he was staying and took the elevator to his room. The door to his room wasn’t shut well before he had both hands on her tits. I took a seat and watched as he lower his hand to her bare pussy and started fingering her and unbuttoned her blouse with his other hand, letting it slip off her arms to the floor. Now he lowers his mouth to her nipples sucking one and the other. I had been wondering how she would respond to a total stranger but he already had her moaning and squirming her beautiful cheating wife body.

He took her to the bed, pushing her down on her back, spreading her legs wide and mounted her. She was so wet now that she took his nine-inch cock with on deep thrust. He left it in her for a while to let her get use to it and then begins to fuck her fast hard and deep like a machine. She screaming for him to fuck her faster and was loving it. He gave I loud grunt and she screamed as they cum together. He climb up on her and said suck my cock cunt. She looked over at me and I nodded my head yes and she went to work on it. I was hard as a rock watching her on her back sucking his nine inch cock with her legs still spread and hid cum running out. She was really working on his cock now and again to cum in her mouth, just enough for her to tast it and pulled out and finished Cumming on her cheating wife tits. He sent her to the bathroom to clean up as a knock came on the door. He answered the door and it was his two friends. He told them to come in and that he had something good for them.

Mary walked out of the bathroom still nude and was shocked to see them standing there eyeing her up and down. I said what the hell is going on here. And he told me; you said all evening I could do what I wanted. You had your fun watching her get fucked, now its my turn. They took turns with Mary fucking her pussy and mouth until midnight before he gave me the five hundred and said to take my whore, oh and by the way she is worth more. When we got her home I asked her if she was all right and she said it felt so good and I had the best time of my life. I hugged her and kissed her on the forehead. I gave her the five hundred and told her she had earned it and that she had all the time she wanted to pay me back. She said oh George I want to fuck you so bad but I am a little sore, so she dropped to her knees and gave me the best blowjob ever I had ever had, she swallowed my cum and Sucked me clean. Then she looked up at me and said when are going to get me fucked like that again? I told her when Sammy was on his next business trip to call me. She said ok but she wanted to fuck me before then.


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