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This last Friday I got my student loan money and decided to go blow some at a strip club. I’m not exactly a strip club guy, I’ve been but it’s not something I do routinely. I go in I order a beer, I sit down at the stage, it’s barely noon so it’s pretty empty. i always share some nude pictures on snapchat.

As I sit down a new blonde girl is coming up (Looking like a dirty milf) to the stage, she starts dancing and we start flirting, after her set she asks me if I want a dance. I agree we go to the back room and things start off fairly normally, then out of nowhere she starts kissing me, out of instinct I start to kiss back, she takes my hand and places it on her ass, I start to squeeze she starts to moan, then I say fuck it and slide a finger near her clit, she starts grinding harder, I start rubbing her clit, we continue to makenout and fool around while she gives me my “dance”. When the song ends she doesn’t stop, we keep going and finally about halfway through the next song, things start to cool down she stands up, we start flirting again and break away. I go order another beer, because what the fuck? And I have a seat at a nearby table, another girl is dancing I tip her, get a dance from her and it’s, well let’s just say, not as exciting as the previous girl. When this dance ends the first girl is back on the floor, I have a seat at my table, she immediately comes and sits on my lap and has a few of her friends join us. At one point she asks me if I need another drink I tell her “no but I’ll take another dance”. Again, I’m not a strip club guy, I’m pretty shy and introverted, we go back to the area and it’s on the floor and the only thing shielding us is a thin see through curtain.

The dance starts and we’re almost immediately making out again and i go straight for her pussy, she’s soaked at this point, she starts bouncing up and down on my hand while grabbing my cock through my jeans. The same thing happens the song ends but we don’t stop and she doesn’t charge me for an extra dance, I end up buying another dance anyway. Finally this song ends and we decide to just take it to the vip room for one of their “3 song dances”, I think we were back there for close to 5 songs. From here it’s more of the same just a little more intense and well vocal. She has multiple orgasms before massaging my cock until I explode in my jeans and I’m left to leave the club with a sweat shirt over the front of my pants like a 14 year old boy.


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